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September 28, 2008


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Robin C

I read your story and wanted to tell you that even tho I don't know you that I am so glad you were able to find the happiness and contentment you have been needing. Life is just way too short to spend it in misery. Love your current home, would love to see more of it.

one a stitching note, what fabric line is that you show. Love it!

love the wisteria by your home. We have one that is just starting to bloom after 17 years.

and last, I like the Doobie Bros too.

Robin in Virginia, USA

Judy Roach

I'm so glad you didn't delete this blog. It was lovely to read how you have come through this dark period in your life a much stronger and happier person. I hope it continues this way for you. I love your new place, and would also like to see more of it. I'm looking forward to new patterns created by you. I have loved your work for a long time and have made quite a few of your projects. I love your choice of fabrics for the writing compendium too.


I hope you're back for good! Very pretty bits and pieces for your new project - looking lovely and lilac... Thanks for sharing your story, I'm sure it's an important part of the process of 'finding you' and it helps us to understand where you've been.
Your talents are too beautiful to keep hidden away, 'oh shorter one'
luv chez xx
pretty wisteria, my fave.


Welcome back!!!! So pleased to hear that you have turned the corner and are doing well. I have been worried about you and have been regularly checking your blog. I am looking forward to seeing some new designs. I am a fan from way back.
Take care,
Hugs Chris


Welcome back!! I heard along the wisteria 'grapevine' that you were in full swing after Stitcher's Day this year and look forward to watching where your journey takes you...It was special to be able to share your story and I am looking forward to popping out in real life!! Catch up soon...


I have been down the same path as you and found music very helpful in my finding myself. Maybe it just helped to put words and music to the feelings I didn't understand. My first place by myself was a one bedroom apartment, after living in a house with a great yard and my love for gardening, I was sure it would be difficult. I loved my apartment so much I lived there for 7 years...it was the place that I really grew in and it held a special place in my heart. It is good to know that others have gone down this same path and come out all the better for it, I know I did!

I love your work by the way!

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